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Can one ingredient have multiple uses?!   The answer is “yes” when it comes to aloe vera, a ‘wonder plant’ whose leaves can yield a wide range of internal and external benefits to your body.  Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant grown in the tropics around the world.  Once you cut open an aloe leaf you will see the...
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My love for dance and fitness began at a very young age. I can remember the day my neighborhood friend came skipping down the block bragging she could do a cartwheel and a split. At that moment, I could not, but within a few days I could do them both and more!! I was in...
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Let’s bust a myth that hot flashes mean someone has low estrogen levels.  In fact, research does not show a correlation between circulating estrogen levels and the incidence (or severity) of hot flashes. A hot flash is triggered by the hypothalamus in the brain and occurs to release heat that has built up in the...
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In Chinese Medicine, every season has an element and an organ association. Spring brings with it all the newness of the wood element and relates to the liver and gall bladder. Liver health is essential to hormone health because many important hormones are processed and synthesized in the liver. If the liver is not functioning...
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By Jessica Moon, M.S. Green and Tonic might not be the first eatery that comes to mind when you’re hungry and looking for something Paleo. True, you won’t find bacon or grass-fed burgers. What you will find are lots of snacks and sides to help support your grain-free, dairy-free lifestyle! Fresh, plant-based, clean food is...
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By Kristina Hess, M.Ed, CHC It’s time to come out of hibernation. Spring is the season when we have more light in the day and green begins to re-emerge after the cold winter. It’s also the time we turn our clocks forward and decide to do some “spring cleaning” by re-organizing our closets and our...
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While dandelions are less than welcome in your garden or lawn, they should be more than welcome in your diet! Dandelion greens come in particularly handy in spring time when incorporating these nutrient-dense greens helps us detoxify and prepare our liver for the onslaught of seasonal allergies. Dandelion Greens are a most widely available in spring...
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Depression is a highly common, but very treatable disorder, that affects over 17 million American adults annually. Women are affected nearly twice as much as men, with either depression or dysthmia (Research Agenda for Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors in Women’s Health, 1996). And depression has been called the most significant mental health risk for women,...
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Do you have general feelings of tiredness and “unwellness”? Do you need coffee, colas and other stimulants to get going in the morning and to keep going during the day? You may have what has often been identified as “adrenal fatigue”. It occurs when the amount of stress overextends the capacity of the body to...
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We are just one week away from the first day of Spring, but there is still snow on the ground here in New England. The snow and cold temps don’t need to stop us from celebrating all things green on this St. Patrick’s Day. Instead of green beer, here are some easy ways to incorporate...
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