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Can one ingredient have multiple uses?!   The answer is “yes” when it comes to aloe vera, a ‘wonder plant’ whose leaves can yield a wide range of internal and external benefits to your body.  Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant grown in the tropics around the world.  Once you cut open an aloe leaf you will see the...
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My love for dance and fitness began at a very young age. I can remember the day my neighborhood friend came skipping down the block bragging she could do a cartwheel and a split. At that moment, I could not, but within a few days I could do them both and more!! I was in...
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Let’s bust a myth that hot flashes mean someone has low estrogen levels.  In fact, research does not show a correlation between circulating estrogen levels and the incidence (or severity) of hot flashes. A hot flash is triggered by the hypothalamus in the brain and occurs to release heat that has built up in the...
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