Supr Brew™ is more than just a drink. Coffee is a huge part of our community’s daily routines. For years, we’ve been striving to disrupt the average joe coffee game and upgrade their routines with coffee that is significantly more nutritious, better tasting and sustainably harvested. 

The time has come! We are excited to announce the launch of SUPR BREW™ COFFEE! Developed in partnership with Dr. Bob Arnot, internal medicine doctor, author of The Coffee Lover’s Bible and former chief medical correspondent for NBC and CBS News. This coffee is distinguished by its high polyphenol properties*, where the beans are grown and how it is roasted.

*Polyphenols are antioxidants that contribute to remarkable health benefits which include: promoting better digestion, aiding in longer focus, managing blood pressure and combating chronic inflammation.*

Not all coffee plants are created equal—some have more polyphenols than others—and the Supr Brew™ is grown from some of the highest concentrations. It is a single-origin coffee organically grown and harvested in Colombia (single-origin coffee features flavor at its purest because it is not combined with other beans and is as unaltered as possible). As for the roasting process, Supr Brew™ beans are roasted in Vermont at optimal temperatures and delivered fresh (avoiding mold contamination, which is surprisingly common among other brands).

Supr Brew™ is available as a drip and pour over coffee. It can also be purchased as whole beans in 12oz retail bags ($15) in store and can be shipped nationally, upon request. 

Requests for shipping, Email:

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