Ready to feel brighter & lighter? You’ll love eating clean, delicious and satisfying foods that energize you with rich nutrients and lively flavors. Our beautifully prepared meals make shaking up your routine a total no-brainer.


Sometimes the easiest way to feel better fast is just to spend a couple days (or weeks) fueling your body with clean, organic foods and nutrient dense juice. Our Jumpstart Plan is a delicious daily menu of plant-based nutrition that helps you refocus on clean eating. This will hit all your nutritional needs. Just select your food, juices and length of program. *For best results we recommend at least 3 days.

Example Daily Schedule

Suggested timing/menu may be adjusted to suit.

Wakeup: Wellness Tea

7:00am: Green Juice

8:00am: Breakfast Pot

11:00am: G&T Juice

1:00pm: Salad

3:00pm: Green Juice

6:00pm: Soup

8:00pm: Aloe Water


This unique program is designed to reset your gut which is where your health begins. Gut health is the most important factor in our overall well-being; dictating your mood and is the root cause of inflammation and skin health. With this program you will be cleaning your digestive track and enhancing its ability to function properly and more efficiently. *For best results we recommend 4 days.

Benefits Include: Reduced bloating, higher energy levels, detox, skin detox, improved digestion

NEW! Customize your daily schedule of superfood smoothies & soups. No more set menu.
The dose for each meal is half a jar of soup and half a jar of smoothie. Drink filtered water with lemon throughout the day.

Here is a sample menu:

Collagen & Immune Boosting Broth, Zenergy Smoothie

Turmeric Cauliflower Soup, Berry Garcia Smoothie

Tomato Basil Soup, Ultimate Warrior Smoothie


Give your digestive system a break while delivering replenishing nutrients. Best de-bloating method! Choose out of our 10 delicious plant-based smoothies, select up to 4 smoothies a day.

$39.80 a day

Special offer! Choose up to 1 free booster per smoothie!!

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