Wellness Coalition

As local merchants, we know how important it is to create a community of support – for our businesses and the local area, too.  We share a clientele that cares deeply about health & wellness – about physical well-being and all the benefits of life we reap when we’re all feeling our best, looking our best, and most importantly – giving our best.

Join us in creating a healthier Greenwich – sharing the love, spreading the word, participating in or hosting events. Let’s just get the conversation started – we can help! By sharing costs, resources, and benefits, we make a meaningful impact on our shared audience.

How To Engage With Us

At G&T we believe in feeding a healthy lifestyle through clean, organic plant-based foods.  We know that consumers everywhere are looking for clear, authentic and honest solutions for living a well-nourished life – with energy, passion, and a healthy glow.

We developed the 30-day Challenge to provide a curated nutrition & lifestyle reboot program that builds community and camaraderie, promotes long term health, and reshapes the body and mind. Our program is easy to follow, keeps participants engaged and produces excellent results.

At the heart of our program are five core principals: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Hydration, and Recovery.  Each is critical to physical and mental well-being, so we make them a focus of Challenge education, tracking, special offers and lifestyle solutions.

Community-based wellness initiatives have been proven time and again to be the most effective form of long-term lifestyle change.  It supports brand-loyalty, participant satisfaction, and results that people want to talk about. This Challenge creates winners on all sides of the equation.

Interested? Click here to learn more.

We host a speaker series weekly throughout the year on various topics relating to health and wellness. These are 45-minute talks, open to the public in our retail stores. We love having speakers who shed some light on personal experience and or expertise in a variety of fields. This is not a venue for selling a particular product or service but a way way for our G&T community to learn something new. We encourage you to tie into the G&T philosophy and host a Q&A at the end of each talk.

Email hello@greenandtonic.com with your concept for a talk and we will let you know if this would be a good fit for our series. We will then work with you to pick a date and market the event. G&T will create a large scale poster to market through email blasts, social media, a website listing and flyers. You have access to this artwork to post as well. You may forward us your contacts to include in our distribution or market to your community independently. We will need a photo, 150 word bio, title and short description of your talk, and 250 work blog post (photos encouraged) that we will post on our blog. We have the right to edit this post and we will include your photo, bio and a link back to your site at the end of the post. This material must be submitted 6 weeks before the talk.

We are open to having a speaker come up to three times a year. We have found the following to be successful: self promotion, giveaways at the end of the talk, not too technical, and using handouts but not powerpoints.

Through our Wellness Blog we educate our community on a wide array of topics relating to health and wellness. We welcome contributing writers who want to share their expertise with our community. You would become one of our educational experts, featured on our website. We ask that you write at least quarterly and tie in the G&T philosophy to your articles.

If you would like to participate as a contributing writer to our blog please email hello@greenandtonic.com with a blog post and we will let you know if this is a good fit for our blog. We prefer posts that are 250-300 words in length and include photos. Please also send us a 150 word bio, headshot and link to your website. We will include this at the bottom of the post.

Quarterly, G&T sponsors a Wellness Night Out, with plenty of healthy food and juice, door prizes, sampling, and information. Come to eat, to network, and share what’s going on in your corner of the world. Bring your team, and spread the word. We want everyone to benefit. Email us at hello@greenandtonic.com, and we’ll include you on our mailing list of these events.

Thousands of people engage with our business every week and all of them are looking for solutions to living a healthier lifestyle. Tap into this interested and curious audience by becoming a G&T Health Coach. We require a degree or certification in either nutrition or as a wellness coach. To apply to be a health coach email hello@greenandtonic.com with your resume and cover letter.

As a health coach, you can host office hours for health coaching in our stores and use the stores as a meeting place with your own clients. We will put you on our health coaching page and encourage you to be a part contributing writer on our Wellness Blog. You would have the opportunity to participate in selling and running 30-Day Challenges. To learn more about these challenges, click here (link).

Green & Tonic offers a best-in-class menu of healthy organic food, juice, smoothies, nutritional meal plans, cleanses, coaching & education services to support your Corporate Wellness initiatives. Learn more here.

We’re all about sharing the love. Please contact us if you’re interested in discussing ways we can work together moving forward. Questions? Email us at hello@greenandtonic.com.