Spring Detox: Spring into Summer with G&T’s Spring Detox


Spring is a season of reinvention and a time to celebrate the rebirth of beauty that happens year after year in nature.  Come alive again to regain your energy and your radiance with a sense of renewal.  Spring is truly known as the season of detoxification, a natural function that your body performs daily.  Shed pounds, clutter, and old habits to make room for new possibilities.

Green and Tonic’s Spring Detox is the perfect way to bring in this wonderful new season. Begin your day with a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning to prepare your digestive system for the day ahead, support a well-functioning liver, and nourish incredibly radiant skin.  Lemons are chock-full of collagen-building Vitamin C, and are rich in immune-boosting bioflavonoids.  These compounds act as anti-oxidant, free radical scavengers and strengthen blood vessels.  In addition, lemons are alkalizing beauty food that clean out the digestive tract helping you maintain a flat belly.

Spring greens are your edible beauty tonic.  Chlorophyll-rich foods help you detox, oxygenate your blood, and shed pounds.  There are tons of Spring-time beautifying ingredients in our Spring Detox including dandelion greens, radishes, snap peas, romaine and spinach. In G&T’s Spring Detox the daily menu includes:

Daily Menu:

Alkaline Water & Lemon

Ultimate Warrior Smoothie

SunRaven Green Juice

Happy Tea & Raw Local Honey

Kale Cranberry Bar

Veg & Hummus Snack Pack

Nicoise Salad

Your can even super-charge your detox and combat seasonal allergies by adding an Allergy Relief Kit.

If your interested in our new seasonal detox, click here and purchase yours today!




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