Mindfulness Can Improve Your Diet

Mindfulness Can Improve Your Diet

Mindfulness is all the buzz these days. Not only has scientific research proven that it reduces stress and anxiety, but a lot of the top performing athletes and entrepreneurs practice it as well!  We are seeing a global movement of people prioritizing their mental hygiene.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment. Harvard did a study and found that we spend 46.9% of our lives wandering in thought. This gets us in trouble when dwelling about the past or anticipating what may or may not happen in the future. This wandering typically produces negative thoughts, whether that is in the form of stress or anxiety. At the end of the day, what is accessible to us is the present moment. What is happening here, right now, and in this moment.

By paying attention to what is happening in the present moment we can become aware of our thoughts, emotions, and the usual stories we tell ourselves. By becoming active observers we can then train our minds to instinctively act in more positive and productive ways.

Mindfulness is a specific type of meditation where we are using physical sensations of the breath or our body to anchor ourselves into the present moment. We can build this muscle of being present through a consistent daily meditation of practice of ten to fifteen minutes.

Mindfulness & A Healthy Diet

Our lives really consist of our perception of the situations we are in on a moment to moment basis and the decisions we choose to make in those moments. Decisions such as should I choose the powdered donut with jelly inside or the Green Monster from Green & Tonic – one of my favorites! By focusing on the root of those decisions, our state of mind, we can make it easier to choose healthier foods.

When we’re stressed we tend to go for the more sugary foods as a relief to the overwhelming emotion. Sugar actually reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, so we can unknowingly train our brains to crave it. Mindfulness helps to reduce stress which will then allows to make better decisions around the food we eat.

From my own meditation practice, I’ve completely reversed my diet. Going from bagels to morning juices. From a cookie everyday to a cookie once or twice a week. From predominantly meat oriented dishes, to vegetable-friendly dishes. We all have our own aspirations for our diet and some zen in our lives everyday can go along way.

Looking to learn more about meditation? I’m putting together an event in Greenwich August 10th! if you can’t make it email me at julio@zencompass.co

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About the Author

Julio Rivera spent several years in the app development world helping big brands achieve their business goals until he burned out. From exhaustion and chronic stress, he desperately looked for something to help him until he came across meditation. Since then, he’s left his full-time job to train to become a meditation teacher as well as start a company to offer easier access to the best meditation teachers and community to help people build their practice.

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