organic coffee menu header

Latte | $4.50
Cappuccino | $4.50
Americano | $3.50
Espresso | $3.50
Rise Nitro Cold Brew | $2.95 (12 oz.) | $3.95 (16 oz.)
Mexican Mocha | $4.95
cold brew coffee, cacao powder, maple syrup, cinnamon, cayenne, choice of milk
Hot Cocoa | $3.95

Matcha Latte | $4.75
matcha, cashew milk, maple syrup, filtered water
Turmeric Latte | $4.75
chai rooibos tea, oat milk, turmeric, filtered water
Immunitea | $4.50
lemon ginger tea, echinacea, maple syrup, lemon, apple cider
Fire Cider Shot | $2.00
Organic Wellness Tea | $2.50
Citrus Green Tea | $2.95
G&T Refreshers
Pink Lemonade | $2.50
Our new signature lemonade with the classic great flavor but with the added twist of antioxidant rich dragonfruit.
Cucumber Basil Lemonade | $2.50
This lemonade is super refreshing and hydrating, containing fresh juiced cucumbers and basil.
Acai Berry Lemonade | $2.50
This lemonade has acai, strawberries and blueberries, all rich in antioxidants and vitamins that boost brain function.
Jasmine Green Tea Lemonade | $2.50
This is our version of a half/half, containing organic jasmine green tea which is rich in antioxidants, boost energy and heart healthy.
Iced Black Tea | $2.50
This organic black tea is the perfect pick me up. Black tea is great for heart health, cholesterol, blood pressure and contains zero sugar.