Fall in Love with these Seasonal Superfoods


“Superfoods” are all the rage these days. Did you know that each season has its own all-star lineup of nutrition powerhouses?

Eating locally-grown seasonal foods can offer a host of healthy benefits. When produce is harvested and eaten at its peak, it provides more minerals, antioxidants and vitamins than foods grown out of season, harvested before peak ripeness, or shipped long distances.

As you search your local area for seasonal foods, be on the lookout for these top five seasonal superfoods you can use to pack nutrition into your favorite Fall recipes.

There are ample reasons an apple a day may keep the doctor away. Apples are full of antioxidants, fiber, and flavonoids. They are the perfect snack that can be eaten raw, cooked, or baked into a delish dessert.

Harvest Season: August-November

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts are rich plant-based source of folate and iron—which is particularly important if you’re expecting or nursing. Just half a cup of these delicious veggies meets your Daily Recommended Intake of vitamin K. Cook fresh Brussels sprouts with vinegar, oil, and herbs to turn them into an irresistibly satisfying side dish.

Harvest Season: September-March

These tiny seeds are rich in vitamin C, omega-5 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Pomegranates have been shown to aide digestive function and support cellular, prostate, and heart health. This fruit is the perfect topping for salads, yogurt, or oatmeal.

Harvest Season: August-December

While lacking in color, broccoli’s pale cousin does not lack for nutritional value. Cauliflower is a relatively low calorie source of many vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and folate. This cruciferous vegetable is a perfect staple in soups, salads, and even pizza crust.

Harvest Season: September–June

Winter Squash

Acorn and butternut squash are a two of the sweet varieties available during the fall season. Winter squash is an excellent source of carotenoids, vitamin A and vitamin C. Save the seeds, as they are a perfect snack when roasted with a little oil and salt. Drizzle maple syrup and cinnamon on top of pureed cooked squash for the ultimate savory but sweet side dish.

Harvest Season: October-February

Fall is the perfect time for some tasty and nutritious comfort food. Fortunately, Green & Tonic has just launched a new line of healthy, locally-sourced meals to keep you warm this season!

Check out our version of Lentil Bolognese, Mac & Cheese, Veggie Burrito Bowl and Veggie Burger. Many of Green & Tonic meals feature some of this season’s superfoods!

If it’s too cold to venture outside you can still enjoy your favorite Fall treats! We have teamed up with Uber Eats so you can get your Fall superfood fix delivered to you in super speed.


By: Bailey Bate, CHC

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