Dairy-free and worried about calcium?


Are you making an effort to minimize or completely avoid dairy products and concerned about calcium intake? You may have heard that three daily servings of dairy are required for adequate calcium intake. Actually, dairy is by no means the only good source of calcium. There are many other plant-based sources of dietary calcium to help you maintain healthy bones, nerves, and blood clotting abilities.

How much calcium do we actually need? These are the Recommended Daily Allowances for calcium:

Age – Calcium (mg)
0-6 months – 210
7-12 months -270
1-3 years -500
4-8 years – 800
9-18 years – 1300
19-50 years – 1000
51+ years – 1200

It’s important to also remember that the way calcium is absorbed and used in the body depends on all the other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you’re getting. Your best bet is to make sure you’re eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and high quality proteins to make sure whatever calcium you do gets where it needs to go in your body.

Here are 6 good plant based sources of calcium:

Almonds – 269 mg/100 g
Chia seeds -179 mg/oz
Bok choy -105 mg/100 g
Sesame seeds -88 mg/Tbsp
Broccoli – 47 mg/100 g
Molasses -41 mg/Tbsp

Green & Tonic offers calcium-rich and nutrient-dense smoothies, lattes, and grab-and-go meals that support overall good health. Consult with a health coach at any of our locations for support with your wellness goals!


By: Jessica Moon, MS. Jessica is a G&T Health Coach available for free consultation on Fridays in New Canaan.

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