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Here are some survival tips for staying on a healthy course while still enjoying the holiday.Plan to do a cleanse or meal plan right after the holiday. Stock up on healthy snacks such as kale chips, energy bars and hummus and do your best to keep indulgences out of the house. Prep leafy greens in...
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Since I can remember, people have asked me why I love barre so much. Was I a dancer? A former ballerina? The answer is no. Unless being a bumble bee in Ms. Eileen’s School of Dance in Boston circa 1985 counts. But when I step up to the barre, I tap into my inner ballerina....
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By Kristina Hess M.Ed, CHC, G&T Wellness Director I remember the moment in 2003 when my mother told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  My hands became clammy, my lungs constricted and my mind went to dark places as I struggled to process the news.  My mom’s treatment journey lasted two and a...
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Just a heads up that we’re partnering with Greenwich Crossfit on their “October Challenge” beginning on 10/1. Our Director of Education & Nutrition, Kristina Hess, will be hosting a nutrition seminar at Greenwich Crossfit on Sunday, 10/2 and will also provide the following: – Before and after body fat measurements – Email participants motivational and...
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Meg Geisler is the founder of SPF Love, a non-profit organization devoted to protecting our skin. Meg knows putting sunscreen on herself and her family was the only way to prevent skin damage. But Meg does not want to stop at her family, she wants to help all of us. She’s on a crusade to change our addiction...
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Have you ever walked into a health food store and felt completely intimidated by all of the fancy nutritional vocabulary? Well we have too and we’re here to help you in any way we can. Two of the most common questions people ask nowadays is, “What is matcha?” and “Wait, is maca different than matcha?”...
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Spring is here! That means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and tons of new food we avoided all winter. Radishes, the completely underrated food we all seem to forget about. For most people, radishes are a vegetable that just get pushed to side; usually overshadowed at the dinner table by broccoli or green beans. But we...
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As much as we all love Spring and the warm weather it brings, it also means pollen, dust from spring cleaning, and tons of new allergies. Sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes are just some of the allergy symptoms that we have to look forward to. Allergies are so common among people in the world yet not...
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“ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE GUT” -Hippocrates We’ve all heard the expression, ‘trust your gut.’ In natural medicine the gut is considered our second brain and oftentimes, when it comes to making choices that keep us healthy, it’s the one we should pay attention to. The importance of a well working digestive system cannot be...
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I WILL CONFESS that I am a chocoholic. Over the years I’ve indiscriminately sampled and enjoyed it in all forms. From Hershey’s to Godiva, white to dark, Belgian to Swiss…you could say I’ve been an equal opportunity chocolate consumer. Maybe you can relate. The Incas called cocoa the drink of gods, which paved the way for...
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