Jeffrey & Cai Pandolfino

We grew up in families where life revolved around bustling kitchen tables, where Saturdays meant farmers markets, and Sundays meant big family dinners. It was only natural for each of us to find comfort and purpose in the food business. Early in 2003, while not yet husband and wife, we opened our first company, an all-natural catering business, café, and cheese shop in Cos Cob, CT. It was here, at Plum Pure Foods, that we realized the impact we could have on community, learned the significance of good service, and appreciated the value of building relationships with locals.

Years in the catering business and two babies in close succession had left us both in a state of physical and mental disrepair. It was time to rethink this love affair with food—and find a place for health and balance. We dove into the world of vegetarian, vegan, then raw food and juice, exploring the techniques and flavors that made good-for-you foods that were delicious, inviting and accessible.

Green & Tonic was born out of our own experiences. We were the first guinea pigs. We loved what we were eating as much as how we were feeling, and we wanted to share our knowledge with everyone.

In 2012 we opened our first retail location, a simple little store in Darien, CT. Since then, we’ve been humbled all who hustle, shuffle and wander into our stores. Some full of confidence, some full of questions. Many are already committed to a healthy lifestyle. Others are just beginning their journey. But most just come with a healthy appetite.

We look forward to your visit and hope to inspire you to enjoy the simple, restorative pleasures of a plant-based lifestyle.

Much Love,
Cai & Jeff

At Green & Tonic, we want to help you make informed choices that positively affect your health, everyday.

G&T is delicious. We believe that healthy food should be fresh, vibrant, and full of interesting flavor and textures. “Good enough for health food…” said no one ever at G&T.

G&T is easy. On the run or taking it slow, we offer easy solutions for a healthy fuel-up on the go or an afternoon catch-up session with a friend. We feed your healthy lifestyle.

G&T is good for you. We put plants at the center of your plate and serve non-GMO, locally and sustainably-grown ingredients. We count quality, not calories. We embrace healthy fats, sweeten mindfully, and celebrate food in its least-processed form.

G&T is the real deal. We pride ourselves on being authentic, honest and transparent—with our employees, our customers, and everyone with whom we get to do business.

G&T makes sense. We feed your healthy appetite for information, inspiration and motivation so you can make better-for-you choices.

Elmhurst 1925

Elma, NY

Elmhurst’s commitment to producing a clean, alternative milk without stabilizers or gums and with non-GMO nuts and grains complements our real food philosophy. Their patented cold-milling process allows them to produce a non-dairy milk that extracts all protein, fat and micronutrients from the whole nut, seed and grain so there is no need for fortification or thickeners. Each glass of almond milk contains the nutrition of up to 18 almonds!

We also offer their unique alternative milks such as cashew, hazelnut and oat milk for use in our beverages and frozen bowls.

RISE Brewing Co.

New York, NY

Rise Brewing Co. provides sustainably-sourced coffee and pays farmers fairly. Their fair-trade, non-GMO organic beans are grown in Peru at high altitude in the Chanchamayo Valley, roasted in New York, and steeped in room temperature water for several hours to reduce acidity and deepen the flavor. Infusing their coffee with nitrogen at service gives it a frothy cascade and a naturally smooth, creamy and slightly sweet taste.

Shearwater Coffee Roasters

Fairfield, CT

Shearwater’s vision started with founder Ed Freedman’s passion for organic coffee, his attention to detail and commitment to sustainability. At Shearwater the integrity of their small batch, organic coffee roasting process is built into the business’ core values. The result is 100% USDA Certified Organic roasted and certified Kosher. The farmers who provide the coffee beans are just as committed to sustainability farming as Shearwater is to ensure the roasting, serving and delivery processes minimize impact to the environment.

Somage Fine Foods

New York, NY

We’ve partnered with Somage to bring on their line of Hue alternative lattes. These super food tea powders are all natural, organic and vegan. We’re also using fresh teas from the Chamellia line. These specialty teas honor the diverse range of qualities, growing regions, climates, production and preparation methods and utilize the best practice methods to produce the highest quality and finest flavor.

Ace Natural Foods

New York, NY

We’re proud to source many of our fruits and vegetables through Ace Natural Foods. With a commitment to fully support organic agriculture and small family farming, they are the greenest, cleanest, and most progressive food service distributor we know (They’re even CO2 neutral!). They invest in the farmers they work with and in their own employees, embracing our own “Love abundantly” philosophy. They help us source the freshest, most sustainably-grown and locally available produce.

Good For You, Good For the Planet

We care tremendously about how the food we serve affects our planet, the creatures that roam it and us. We keep our environmental footprint small and gentle, sourcing mostly sustainably-grown, non-GMO seasonal produce and choosing smart packaging made of recycled and/or compostable materials for takeaway. Plus, we’re mostly plant-based, which means our production naturally produces a fraction of the waste and gas pollution associated with animal-based food production.

It’s no secret that whole, plant-based food is nature’s best medicine. We craft our meals to provide a healthy balance of protein, carbs and fats and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. The proteins are complete, the carbs are complex, and the fats are the better-for-you kind. We mix in just a few sweeter things for those conscious moments of indulgence because we believe all things in moderation….

But First, Delicious

We’re food lovers first and health nuts second. We believe healthy food can—and should—be delicious, especially when it’s made with love. It should leave you feeling better than before. If it leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy and with a big grin on your face, we’ve done our job.

Fresh & Whole

We make almost everything in our very own kitchen from scratch, including our sauces, dressings, compotes, and superfood blends. Any item not made in-house comes from suppliers whose standards for delectable, intentional food resonates with us.

Need More Convincing?

A plant-filled life may not be the norm now, but we believe it’s in our future. And if you have any doubts on the plant-based way of life, consider the elephant, rhino, hippo and gorilla—all majestic herbivores who’ve embraced plants and are the stronger for it.