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Gentle Cleanse

$ 55.00

  • As we approach the coldest months of the
    year and leave the holiday stress behind us, let’s jumpstart 2017 by nourishing our bodies with warm, comforting foods and regenerative physical activity. Nutrient deficiency, dehydration, sleep deprivation and adrenal fatigue call for a time to relax and rejuvenate. Get cozy with a cup of tea, a bowl of hearty soup and nutrient dense foods – and prepare for a strong, healthy and vital year ahead.

    Upon Waking: Hot Lemon Water
    7 am: Happy Tea
    8 am: Fruit & Nut Bar
    9am: Zenergy
    10am: Hot Lemon Water
    Noon: Cuban Black Bean Soup
    2pm: Energy Elixir Juice
    4pm: Chocolate Mylk
    5pm: Hot Lemon Water
    6pm: Veggie Burrito Bowl
    8pm: Veggie Burrito Bowl, Balance Tea +, Nib Mor Dark Chocolate Square


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