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Morning Mojo

$ 4.95

Boost your morning coffee with our Morning Mojo! Maca is an adaptogenic herb that is especially beneficial for increasing energy and balancing hormones.

Our coffee comes from RISE Brewing Co. They cold brew their coffee in spring water using organic, Fair-Trade certified, Peruvian beans sources at high altitude in the Chanchamayo Valley.

Our coffee is infused with nitrogen, which preserves the flavor and gives it a frothy “Guiness-like” cascade. The nitro foam gives the coffee a hint of sweetness without adding any sugar. It tastes refreshingly smooth and creamy with hints of chocolate but there are no chemicals or additives. Our coffee is 80% less acidic than regular coffee, which gives is a less sour taste and makes it easier on your gut. This is the perfect drink to fuel your day, with 1.5 times more caffeine than your average cup of coffee.

Ingredients: RISE cold brew coffee, almond mylk, maple syrup, maca root powder, ginseng

Nutrition: Cals: 101, Fat: 3g, Protein: 2g, Carbs: 19g, Sugar: 14g

Size: 16oz