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10 Day Reset

$ 695.00

We believe cleansing can be a delicious, nourishing adventure that transforms your body, health, and even your life! Besides the gift of health and youthful radiance that comes from eating freshly prepared whole foods, a cleanse has other positive side effects— providing nutrients and fuel for your body, it gives your mind a reset too. It’s a way to create new healthy habits, and become more mindful and conscious about what you put into your body. You can and will feel a difference eating healthy food, and we believe it’s important to treat yourself to good health.

This cleanse was curated to model the “ideal” cleansing scenario and promote a total lifestyle reboot. The Lean Body weight loss support packets were designed by a medical team to support safe fat, metabolism and maintenance of lean body mass. These packets are useful for controlling food cravings and helping the body naturally manage blood sugar levels. Take your supplements with your first morning juice. On the 7th day, your juice feast is complimented with a detox bath treatment. Your bath treatment should last exactly 20 minutes. Please drink 16oz of water following your bath. Everyone has personal wellness goals. For targeted and individual support this cleanse includes a comprehensive 75 minute nutrition and health counseling session with an integrative nutrition counselor.

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