By Jessica Moon, M.S.

Green and Tonic might not be the first eatery that comes to mind when you’re hungry and looking for something Paleo. True, you won’t find bacon or grass-fed burgers. What you will find are lots of snacks and sides to help support your grain-free, dairy-free lifestyle! Fresh, plant-based, clean food is the foundation of the Paleo diet, and it’s exactly what we do at G&T!

If you’re tired of the same old jerky, pop into G&T for a cold-pressed juice, a fresh smoothie, chia pudding, the turmeric cauliflower soup or even grain-free granola! Crackers, anyone? We stock two Paleo-friendly varieties!

The Pomegranate Kale Salad is a great way to switch up lunch or dinner if your version of Paleo includes a little quinoa. While pretty filling on it’s own, you could also bring it home and throw on some additional protein.

Need some workout support? Our RISE cold-brewed coffee is a seriously yummy boost of energy that could help you tackle that daunting fitness class.

‘Paleo’ and ‘plant-based’ go together like almond butter and jelly. Feel free to ask our staff or health coaches how G&T can support your lifestyle and healthy eating goals!


Jessica Moon, M.S. is a Clinical Nutritionist and G&T Health Coach based in New Canaan.