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A cleanse is a healing practice to restore balance to the body. Cleansing is any process of giving the body a break; whether from certain foods or food altogether. A well balanced cleanse eliminates hard to digest food, common allergens, chemicals and processed ingredients. It includes nutrient dense ingredients to feed your cells and restore them to health.

Even with the cleanest diet, our bodies are overwhelmed by stress and bombarded by chemicals from every day life- air pollution, car exhaust, beauty products, dry cleaning (to name a few). It’s unlikely that even a super health conscious person is eating a diet free from pesticides, chemicals and inflammatory foods. Our bodies have natural detoxification processes but, these days, we are exposed to more than we can naturally handle. Toxicity build up and imbalances in our body systems can contribute to everything from minor ailments to serious disease. This is not just about weight loss!

The average person does lose weight during our programs. Most likely, after a cleanse you will feel a sense of lightness, reduced bloating, increased energy and vitality. This process helps create a body that is set up for optimal, streamlined function and good health. Weight loss alone is not what our programs are intended to do. This is a great way to begin a shift in your dietary habits, eliminate cravings, and nourish your body. If you want to lose weight, we are happy to work with you to develop a program suited to your specific needs.

A cleanse is about much more than weight loss. In fact, losing weight is just the result of bringing the body back into harmony and balance for those who need/desire it. Someone who doesn’t need to lose weight probably won’t and/or will maintain or return to their ideal weight shortly after completing the cleanse. Signs that you need a cleanse include: painful menstrual periods, joint pain, frequent headaches, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, low energy, skin problems, frequent colds or sinus infections, heartburn, and really any other condition that you can think of.

Signs that you need a cleanse include: difficulty losing or gaining weight, painful menstrual periods, joint pain, frequent headaches, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, low energy, skin problems, frequent colds or sinus infections, heartburn, and really any other condition that you can think of.

A juice cleanse requires serious and thoughtful preparation. A cleanse that includes food requires less preparation and can actually be your starting point for healthy habits. However, results are always increased when you ease into a cleanse by reducing or eliminating caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy and gluten for a few days before you start.

Our programs can work for all age groups – and all needs. We focus on enabling our clients to learn about their bodies and nutritional needs in all stages of life, and we will work with you to find the balance that works best for your individual needs. Younger people tend to react much more quickly to a change in habits and a more serious detox program is meant for healthy adults. Any concerns you have should be addressed with your doctor or holistic practitioner.

Most likely yes but please consult your physician before starting a cleanse or stopping any prescribed medication.

It’s not a good idea to do any kind of deep cleansing while pregnant or breastfeeding. However, we will happily work with you to support a healthy eating plan during your pregnancy and breast-feeding months. When you’re done breastfeeding, cleansing is a great way to get back on track and replenish your body with tons of nutrients.

Sure, as long as you listen your body. Exercise is a great way to help your body with detoxification, energy, and that beautiful, healthy glow. We recommend low-impact activities like walking, swimming, stretching and yoga. All intense exercise should be stopped during a juice fast.

There are naturally occurring proteins in both leafy greens and nuts, legumes, and grains. We were careful to support all of your dietary needs during any program. You will get protein from our green juices, nut mylks, grain salads, and bars. We also offer support in the form of our Master Amino Acid tablets.

Your may feel hungry at times, but you will be completely nourished. Your body will likely crave sweets and processed foods- all items that have addictive qualities. Our cleanses are designed to provide you with all the nutrients you will need to get through your day. With this in mind, it is important to begin to recognize the difference between hunger and cravings.

The green juices are the most nutrient dense juices in your cleanse. We strongly urge you to do your best to drink all of your green juices. Keep it well chilled, drink it through a straw, gulp it down. If it helps, try adding lemon or lime juice. You will develop a taste for it. No really, you will. You will crave it.

Many people experience mild headaches, especially those who regularly consume caffeine. Every cleanse and every body is different, but fatigue, dizziness, and bouts of nausea are all normal. If you feel as though your symptoms are unbearable, give yourself a break. Drink a cup of tea and breathe. Contact us for support. Nothing we give you should induce anything but mild discomfort. If you are truly ill, contact a doctor. Keep in mind, when cleansing, detox symptoms are a good sign.

Yes and No. Following the schedule structure of spacing meals and juices out every few hours keeps blood sugar levels balanced and hunger and cravings at bay. Also, drink juices on an empty stomach to maximize benefits. But what you eat for dinner vs. lunch isn’t such a big deal. Make it work for your life and schedule.

This depends on your lifestyle and health needs. The body naturally goes through a cleansing process when the seasons change so those are great times to focus on healthy eating and supporting the body’s healing systems. A full body detox at least once a year is hugely beneficial. It’s also perfectly healthy to take a few days out of each month to do some sort of a cleanse- even if it’s just a few days of eating only organic, plant-based foods. It’s best though to avoid back to back cleansing without taking a break. The best way to build long-term balanced health is by letting our bodies do what they were designed to and not becoming dependent on herbs, supplements and cleansing.

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